Correct Diagnosis & Repair

s the worldwide demand for lower exhaust pollution increases. So the requirement for ways to control this pollution increases. To meet these demands all petrol engine vehicles currently being produced are now fitted with...

Computerised Fuel Injection.

ince un-burnt fuel is the cause of all exhaust pollution, the Fuel Injector Valve is now the major component in the creation and the physical reduction of all exhaust pollution. Correct Injector performance is no longer an option, it is requirement, especially if we wish to minimum exhaust pollution.

ow and every year since the introduction of computerized systems on cars. The ASNU System will allow us to diagnosis and correct the faults on the computerized fuel Injected vehicles you now drive.

sing this ASNU System the EFI Petrol Injectors will be function correctly and the Benefits... Save Money on Petrol Engine life time and save the environment. Less engine repairs.

Save time and money